Friday, 4 March 2016

How to Kill a Few Hours in Incheon City

If you find yourself in Incheon, South Korea with a few hours to kill, this is where you need to go. Hands down. Or heck, even go out of your way to get here! You could easily spend the whole day roaming around the park, admiring the complex combination of nature, architectural wonders, and historic buildings. Our English speaking barista at Starbucks suggested Central Park in Songdo, so a huge thank you to her!

Central Park is a very recent development of what they call a "smart city". A city built from scratch. It is really quite the marvel, and still gorgeous in the dead middle of winter. I can't even imagine what it would be like in the spring, summer, or fall! I'll definitely be back to check it out.

1. Rent almost any kind of transportation you can think of 

Bikes, boats, canoes, kayaks. The list is never-ending!

2. Enjoy "Rabbit Island"

We were on the other side of the water when I saw small creatures hopping around on a mound of land. Could that be....a rabbit island?! Indeed it was! Of course we had to cross the water and check it out for a closer look.  

3. Check out the deer petting zoo

Hey buddy! 

4. Admire the architecture!

They make it easy to do so. 

5. Get a work out in

Another thing I love about Korea. These exercise parks are EVERYWHERE! 

6. Tour a Hanok Village

Or admire it from afar as we did! 
You can also tour a miniature replica of the Smart City.

7. When in doubt, eat! 

Just outside the park grounds is a row of restaurants. In the actual park is a cafe and some street food as well. Lots of options! We opted for a Buddae Jiggae (army stew) restaurant. Mmm!

And there you have it! How to kill some time, or simply enjoy Songdo, Incheon. It's on my list of places to come back to!