Monday, 3 April 2017

2017: Updates with L2K

Oh hey there, friends! Long time no talk.

It's been a while since my last post and quite a bit has changed according to my previous posts. From coming home to Canada early and not making it to New Zealand, I guess you could say I've gotten used to things not going according to plan.

Well, so I thought. Ever since I returned home in December, I kept on trying to come up with ideas of things I wanted to do next (post-Korea).

"Teaching in Vietnam? Teaching in Singapore? Working holiday in NZ? Move to England and take advantage of British Citizenship before all the Brexit nonsense falls into place? Volunteer at a refugee camp in Greece? Move to Northern Canada?"*

Photo via Flickr. Yes, I did actually look online for jobs in Yellowknife. Maybe one day.

Cue stress. All thoughts and ideas that ran through my head. And not a fully comprehensive list.*

Although these are all things I would potentially love to do in the future, there wasn't one that particularly stuck out to me. No, "I have to do that" feeling, like I had with teaching in Korea.

Meanwhile, as all those thoughts listed above are running through my head, a bunch of cool, interesting and totally random opportunities start falling into my lap appearing since being home.

Blogging with the Korean Cultural Centre in Ottawa, developing & facilitating a workshop in Almonte, being a movie extra, working with the Korea Tourism Organization at the Ottawa Travel Show.

Also really cool things! But all things I was hesitant to commit to because of potential future plans (as per above)."What if I'm not here in 3 months? I can't commit to a blogging contract or a workshop!" What if.  What if's can be deadly when used the wrong way.

Why search for the next "big adventure", when there is one right in front of my face? I am here now. These opportunities are here. Seize them. Take advantage of them. Embrace the moment instead of being caught up in potential future plans that may or may not be better than your current state. 

So, here I am. Almost four full months of being home. I'm blogging, workshop-ing, travel show-ing, background acting, and back at my old part time job at Golf Town in the mean time. 

Seizing opportunities as they reach out to me, instead of turning away in fear due to the uncertainty of what's next. Sure, the feet get a little itchy sometimes, but this will also give me time to really think about what I want for the next chapter of my life. And maybe I'll find the "I have to do that" feeling again. As for this chapter, I'm home and embracing it. 

Plus, I'll also be road-tripping out to Newfoundland in June with my Dad, which I am thrilled about! Maybe we'll blog on the road like we did back in 2014 with our West Coast road trip? If anyone has any suggestions for "must see's" or "must do's", we would love to hear them!

Photo via Flickr

Still thinking of the future of L2K. I really really want to get around to making my own general blog. I was wishing I had some sort of business card to hand out at the travel show, but maybe next year ;)

As for now, you can stay updated on my posts here on L2K (when I do post, that is...), as well as the Korean Cultural Centre Blog. You can check out the first post for my "Teacher Talk" column here and my Travel Show recap post here.

Thanks to those who still follow these posts long after my Korea journey has come to an end. Although with the recent opportunities here in Ottawa, it feels like it's still in progress :)

Much love,



.................for now.